If your yard or garden lacks a certain visual appeal, or you have run-of-the-mill walks or plantings, Gardens Designs by Jacqueline, LLC can help. If you are ready to make your landscape everything you want it to be, we can design and create a peaceful and tranquil setting to escape to at day’s end. Contact us for an hour design consultation with certified landscape designer, Jacqueline M. Clark.

There are several steps in a typical landscape or garden design.

Black & White Rendering – with Planting Key

Computerized Print of a typical Before & After

Plant Profile of all Plants in design

Below are a few examples of a design plan and layout. Click on any of the pictures to reveal a larger version.

Wilbraham - Bittersweet Lane

Wilbraham - Glendale Road

Wilbraham - Stonegate Circle

Ludlow - Leland Drive

Wilbraham - Winterberry Drive

So you want the landscape of your dreams, but don’t think its possible! Together we can devise a plan to get you the landscape of your dreams with a 3-5 year plan to make it all that you want.

The below project was completed over a 3 year period. So the homeowners could get each bed the way they wanted and meet their budget.

Types of Gardens To Consider