Garden Designs by Jacqueline can provide you with what you need to create your own little paradise. Some of our services are listed below.


  • Installation


  • Planting
  • Dividing and transplanting of perennials
  • Shrubs trimming/deadwood removal/limbing up
  • Hand pruning of shrubs and small trees
  • Weeding of beds
  • Edging/Mulching

Container design/Planting/Maintenance

Examples of Some of Our Services


One of our more detailed and important services for the overall health of your shrubs and trees.

“Deadwooding” is the practice of trimming, well, deadwood off of your shrubs or trees. Over time, branches both large and small will die off on shrubs and trees. Your shrubs and trees stay healthier if you remove interior and exterior branches that are diseased, dead, pest-ridden, or rubbing together.

Deadwooding the tree makes it look more lively and attractive while cutting dead weight off of the structure of the plant. When removing deadwood from the interior of shrubs in promotes new lush growth not only improving the appearance but the general health of the plant.

While removing the deadwood we are able to see the living structure of the plant and make the necessary prunes to ensure the plant grows a certain way, remove cross branching, and detect any pest or disease issues. Other considerations to take when pruning such as, flowering periods and even personal preference.

Examples of Deadwooding


Our bed-edging process is our signature service! Deep curved lines that clearly define your beds and lawn areas truly transform your landscape. We use a 45/90 method.

Benefits of Edging

Aside from creating a clean transition between your lawn and landscape materials, professional edging services offer a number of other advantages:

  • Create a root barrier to prevent encroachment of grass & weeds
  • Establish a defined line for mowing
  • Enhance your landscape design
  • Separate lawns & plantings from paved surfaces

Examples of Edging


Mulching your landscaping beds adds an attractive, visual appeal to the landscape.

Benefits of Mulching

  • Enriches the soil with nutrients
  • Retains moisture for resident plants
  • Controls weed & grass encroachment
  • Prevents soil erosion
  • Protects plants from temperature changes

Examples of Mulching

Topiary Shaping

We enjoy skillfully maintaining your topiary plants. These need to be properly maintained to ensure they retain their specific shapes: balls, cones, cubes, spirals, and customized sculptured shapes.

Examples of Topiary Shaping