Annuals add variety and interest to your landscape, porches, patios, and borders three seasons of the year.

Early spring annuals such as: dianthus, pansies, petunias, snapdragon, etc.

When spring flowers tire they can be switched out for annuals better suited for summer, a few to consider: ageratum, alyssum, bacopa, begonias, browallia, calabrachoa, cannas, coleus, cosmos, dahlias, dichondra/Silverfalls, elephant ear, geraniums, gomphrena, lantana, mandevilla, nasturtium, new guinea inpatient’s, sweet potato vine, marigolds, petunias, salvias, verbena, vinca, zinnias

Adding more color into the Fall: Cabbages/kales, pansies, petunias, and mums these will replace the tired summer annuals.

Please consider our Regular Maintenance Program: Generally everyone is busy during the warmer seasons and you want to be sure your investment is looking its very best from spring through fall, have us take care of your annuals with plant care that includes: Deadheading & dead-leaf removal, plant shaping as needed every 3-4 weeks. Fertilizing too!

Container watering while on vacation is also available.